Pro-Innovation W.L.L.

creates trolley assistants, add-valued devices that enhance the supermarket shopping experience.

Pro-Innovation is 100% Qatari owned

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We aim to create and innovate everyday products in order to provide an easy lifestyle for our customers in different fields.


Our patented Invention:


 INNO1 for Supermarket trolleys.

Awarded the best and most promising project in Qatar 2019 by the competition Get in the Ring.

What is INNO1?

Make your shopping experience efficient, hygienic and convenience.


Customize your trolley… make itmore convenient, reliable and cleaner. Trolley assistant will make shopping easier with three everyday features… hand Sanitizer, phone charger and a cup holder.

Shop & Call:

Charge your mobile phone… because your phone call is important… INNO1 provides a universal and a safe mobile charger at your demand, do your grocery shopping while charging your phone no matter what brand & size.

No more germs on trolleys... Take your food products home cleaner...

Thousands of customers using trolleys on daily basis, taking and putting back products, millions of germs can be around the place and on the grocery products… No need to worry about that… With INNO1, you can sanitize your hands at any time while shopping and while choosing your food products, take them home cleaner.

Cup Holder:

Drink your coffee, water or soft drink while shopping…Did you like that drink on the shelf? Grab it, open it, drink it and put it on your trolley while shopping.

Advertisement Space:

Trolley assistant provides a unique spot where you can advertise for your business & market your products were thousands of people can see it on daily basis.

Marketing & Advertising

We offer a new digital marketing platform that has a direct one on one ad targeting, with our device being placed in the key stores in Qatar, thousands of people can see on daily basis.

Contact our marketing team to see our packages.

Made in: Doha, Qatar

We’re proud to be in Doha a city bustling with innovative people and opportunities. Our team was formed by and for Qatar by 4 young professionals who collectively  have the curiosity, passion and drive that brings ideas to reality and visions into success.


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