Sheikh\ Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Thani

Sheikh\ Faisal bin Mohamed Al-Thani

Mr. Ahmed Ammar Radwan – Managing Director.

Mr. Waleed Khalid Shurrab – General Manager


Muneer Sarsor

CTO & Managing Director of North America

With a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management with specialty in Database Management and a Bachelor of Science in Game & Simulation Programming from DeVry/Keller University Muneer Sarsour has been involved in numerous software and programming technology projects in USA.

Muneer has skills in software development programming languages, mainly in Microsoft stack technologies.

Muneer has been a professional software engineer for the past 6 years in USA and has joined the Pro Innovation team as CTO and Managing Director of North America. 

Arch. areej Radwan

Senior Designer

An enthusiastic creative designer received an architectural and urban planning bachelor’s degree with the distinction academic award from the University of Qatar. Also a licensed Architect registered in the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning of Doha. 

Areej was awarded several design contests in visualizing and modeling, and has completed undergraduate and postgraduate internships. Also, she has been practicing the freelancing design field since her graduation in 2016. 

“ Creating designs is a powerful skill, a unique captivating ability evolving from our needs and perspectives to create a parallel between the world and our imagination.”

Launching soon in uk, turkey & jordan